Cats, Moon, Sonic Screwdriver

It’s been a very drizzly day and there’s thick cloud this evening so there’s no sign of the Xmas Full Moon, so here’s a photo of the Xmas Eve nearly-full moon that we saw last night bouncing up over the rooftops opposite. And first thing this morning, Sparta Puss and Ming The Merciless wouldn’t letContinue reading “Cats, Moon, Sonic Screwdriver”

Drawing In The Dark

Husb and I took two little relatives to the cinema to see the first episode of the new Doctor Who series this evening. I had a quick scribble in the darkness. I could see the faces in the light from the big screen, but couldn’t see my sketchbook. It’s a good exercise. Earlier we stoppedContinue reading “Drawing In The Dark”


We took two of our little nephews to the cinema this evening to see the 3D link-up of the BBC’s 50th anniversary Doctor Who special. They were beside themselves with excitement, as were Husb and I and the rest of the packed audience. Back in 1963, my sister and I hid behind the settee, peepingContinue reading “Whovian”

Use It Or Lose It!

Yesterday, Husb and I joined family members and assorted Whovians on the Doctor Who Locations walk’n’talk, organised by the Swansea Library Service. It was a part of an excellent programme of free events coming up this month. I sketched one of the Who companions outside the Kardomah Cafe in Portland Street, that has a numberContinue reading “Use It Or Lose It!”

The New Doctor

Such excitement this evening as the BBC announced the new Doctor Who. It’s the 50th anniversary of the programme this year and I remember watching the first episode. My sister and I hid behind the settee peeping at the TV through our fingers. Our Mam had never seen us so scared before and threatened toContinue reading “The New Doctor”