Shivering In Snowdonia

Here’s another sketch I made in North Wales last week. Husb and I escaped for the first time in over a year, since lockdown started, and it was fabulous, a truly beautiful place. We stopped the car to look back at a wonderful view over Lake Gwynant in Snowdonia, and I had to make aContinue reading “Shivering In Snowdonia”


Our very last visit on our recent trip to Berlin was to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial church, which is in fact 2 churches. The newer church, built around the ruins of the older, has a spectacular – and huge – statue of Christ, designed by Karl Hemmeter, dominating the space. I had a quick scribbleContinue reading “Squished”

Like Nana’s Range (might be distressing)

As Husb and I walked around the Saschenhausen Concentration Camp in Berlin last week (on a Sandemans Guided Tour) I sketched what I could on the move. It made it easier in some ways because I could detach myself slightly from my surroundings. A lot of the camp was destroyed by the Soviets after theyContinue reading “Like Nana’s Range (might be distressing)”

Just Like Home

Husb and I were in Berlin in a heatwave last week and we visited the Saschenhausen Concentration Camp in one of the Berlin suburbs. The temperature had been up to around 30° Celsius, way too hot for a bunch of gingery Celts but the skies grew dark and there was a sudden, very fierce, thunderstorm.Continue reading “Just Like Home”

My Hero

Husb and I went to Berlin for a few days last week and spent an intense few hours at the Käthe Kollwitz Museum. I love her work and her life is an inspiration, she never relinquished her belief in social justice despite the enmity of both the First and Third Reich. I took a fewContinue reading “My Hero”

Never Forget

Husb and I spent a few days in Berlin this earlier this week and spent some time visiting the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp on the outskirts of the city. It was moving and chilling; I was shocked to discover that it was surrounded by a nice, middle-class housing estate. People turned a blind eye to theContinue reading “Never Forget”

Cool Places

I haven’t blogged for a few days because I’ve been adventuring in Berlin, just a short break with family. Cool place, had a great time and I even did some drawings. I just got back, about an hour ago and it’s 10pm so I’ll just post a quick drawing I did a couple of weeksContinue reading “Cool Places”

Cats, Moon, Sonic Screwdriver

It’s been a very drizzly day and there’s thick cloud this evening so there’s no sign of the Xmas Full Moon, so here’s a photo of the Xmas Eve nearly-full moon that we saw last night bouncing up over the rooftops opposite. And first thing this morning, Sparta Puss and Ming The Merciless wouldn’t letContinue reading “Cats, Moon, Sonic Screwdriver”

The Dawn Road From Reykjavik

The last few photos from my recent trip to Iceland, the road back to Keflavik airport at sunrise. It’s so far north that the dawn is about 9.30 am which is very civilised. Once we were out of the city there were little isolated farms or homesteads dotted across the lava landscape. The movement ofContinue reading “The Dawn Road From Reykjavik”

Icy In The City

Some people thought we were nuts, visiting Iceland in November but it’s so beautiful! We saw the Northern Lights – I can die happy now. Proper snow that sticks, not like over here. Bright, crisp days and iced up lakes and that low slanting sunshine that makes everything glow. We walked alongside the frozen lakeContinue reading “Icy In The City”