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The Dawn Road From Reykjavik

18 Nov

goodbye 3

The last few photos from my recent trip to Iceland, the road back to Keflavik airport at sunrise. It’s so far north that the dawn is about 9.30 am which is very civilised.

goodbye 2

Once we were out of the city there were little isolated farms or homesteads dotted across the lava landscape.

goodbye 1

The movement of the bus gave a nice smudgy effect in the foreground.

Keflavik airport is really nice, one of the best I’ve been in, super architecture, unhurried ambience, lovely food and it was a fairly short hop back to Bristol …….. and torrential rain.

Freezing Mitts And Yellow Grass

30 Nov

yellow grass

As we travelled around Iceland, Husb and I noticed that the grass that thinly covers the black lava landscape is an unusual yellowy-orange colour. I think it might be Leymus Arenarius (Lyme grass) but I’m not sure. Before I went, I prepared different drawing media, including a 20cm square sketchbook of handmade Khadi paper. I randomly coated the pages with either a thin grey wash made from Indian ink or one from sepia. This is scribbled onto one of the grey washes using compressed charcoal, chalky pastels and white oil bar. I sketched this quickly from the moving bus – it was about 9.30 am and the sun was only just coming up over the lava mountains, turning the grass quite a vivid rusty orange.

Here’s a photo Husb took of the grass on the black beach at Vik.

yellow grass

And one of me, freezing my mitts off, drawing the trolls in between snow showers.

freezing mitts

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