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Just Like Home

9 Jun

Rain And Horror

Husb and I were in Berlin in a heatwave last week and we visited the Saschenhausen Concentration Camp in one of the Berlin suburbs. The temperature had been up to around 30° Celsius, way too hot for a bunch of gingery Celts but the skies grew dark and there was a sudden, very fierce, thunderstorm. Being Welsh, we just stood there in the pouring rain, just like home. Then we turned around and noticed that the rest of our tour group were all huddled for shelter at the side of one of the huts.

Concentration storm 2

I carried on drawing into my brown paper sketchbook. The rain spattered the conté crayons and made the drawing quite fuzzy, which I really like. It prevented me from getting bogged down in detail and forced me to take an emotional approach to the subject, three poles set into the concrete square that were used to punish the poor souls imprisoned in this hellhole.

Never Forget

4 Jun

concentration camp

Husb and I spent a few days in Berlin this earlier this week and spent some time visiting the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp on the outskirts of the city. It was moving and chilling; I was shocked to discover that it was surrounded by a nice, middle-class housing estate. People turned a blind eye to the horror that was built in their midst. In these troubled times, with terror attacks by fundamentalists and calls for retaliation from extremists, we need to remember more than ever what can happen when intolerance gets out of hand.

Concentration storm

It wasn’t easy to sketch as we were moving more or less constantly as part of a guided tour (well worth paying for), but I managed some speed sketches and a few digital photos. There was a thunderstorm while we were there, the looming sky suited the place.

Rain. Hail. Thunder. Picnic.

21 Apr

thunder 1

Travelling down to Lahore from Rawalpindi on my birthday, we hit a huge storm, so heavy that we had to stop on the motorway verge so we had our picnic of egg sandwiches and crisps in the car while the torrential rain and hail – yes hail in Pakistan – thundered down on the roof of the car.  Just like Spring bank holiday in Britain! I scribbled fleeting impressions of the sky and land; the light changed constantly and it was a real challenge to get something down on paper. When we arrived in Lahore, the city was flooded, but that was quite good for us because it kept the temperature and the dust down.

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I drew into a Khadi handmade paper sketchbook, approximately 15cms square, using artist quality Daler Rowney soft pastels……and my finger! Before I came to Pakistan, I cut up lots of squares of acid-free tissue (kite) paper to interleave between the pages as pastels are very messy and I wanted to keep the drawings clean.

This residency has been supported by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales.

rose acw

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