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Icy In The City

16 Nov
Across the ice

Across the ice

Some people thought we were nuts, visiting Iceland in November but it’s so beautiful! We saw the Northern Lights – I can die happy now. Proper snow that sticks, not like over here. Bright, crisp days and iced up lakes and that low slanting sunshine that makes everything glow. We walked alongside the frozen lake in Reykjavik, past a house that we had heard about the day before during our afternoon at the Icelandic Elfschool. The house had been the site of Elf sightings and contact for decades.

Like many old European cities, it has grown organically and the older parts are full of little nooks and crannies, lovely odd houses and surprises around corners. Bright paint decorates many of the corrugated metal walls and roofs and the climate in the city is warm enough for trees.

The food is fabulous! Fish is a staple, in many forms, cooked, pickled, soused, salted, smoked. Lamb is another staple and the national Icelandic Lamb Soup, Kjotsupa, is very similar to the Welsh Cawl and Irish Stew, possibly a nod to their mixed Celtic / Viking heritage. We ate mostly in Cafe Loki which has the maddest mural Husb and I have ever seen. It takes up an entire wall and has scenes from the life of the Nordic god Loki, who was a bit of a bad ‘un so it’s full of slaughtered corpses receding into the distance. But that doesn’t detract from the ambience of the cafe, nor from the delicious food.

Out Of Practice

9 Jan


Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop and I’m a bit out of practice. We had a three week break over the holidays and it was good to get back into the discipline of anatomical study. This post is a bit difficult so I redrew it until I was reasonably happy with it. I like the pose a lot and I will probably develop it into a mixed media piece or a print.

I used a traditional dip pen and Indian ink onto an A4 piece of Bockingford that had been prepared with an acrylic ground in orange.

Husb and I are staying up late tonight because there has been a massive solar storm this week and the Aurora Borealis might reach this far South. So far it’s a very clear night so we might get lucky.

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