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Crafty Cat

27 Mar

Sometimes I want to do something, keep my hands occupied, but I’m arted out, so I settle down to do a bit of crafting. Art is hard work for me, crafting, like baking, is very relaxing. I made a stack of origami lilies which will end up on a string of LED lights as fairy lights. I got the instructions from the new BBC series, MAKE! Craft Britain where this guy demonstrated a couple of different origami models. Just after I photographed them, Sparta Puss threw them on the floor. Because that’s what cats do.

Siadwel Live!

14 Jul


Husb and I managed to get hold of two audience tickets for a radio show recording at the BBC featuring the comedian John Sparkes’ character  Siadwel (pronounced Shadwell). We’ve been fans for years and think he’s one of the most underestimated comedy actors in Britain so it was a real treat for us to be there as he recorded an hour of hysterical and surreal comedy. I was hoping to scribble Siadwel himself but he was so entertaining that I didn’t want to get distracted from the comedy so I did this sketch of some of the audience during the break.

Here’s some classic Siadwel on YouTube.

And here’s a Podcast . Treat yourself 😀



23 Nov

23 doctor who

We took two of our little nephews to the cinema this evening to see the 3D link-up of the BBC’s 50th anniversary Doctor Who special. They were beside themselves with excitement, as were Husb and I and the rest of the packed audience. Back in 1963, my sister and I hid behind the settee, peeping through our fingers at the first episode of Doctor Who and I’ve been a Whovian ever since. We loved the special tonight and I had a chance to have a quick scribble in the cinema; a mother and daughter in the row in front and one of the little nephews in his oversized 3D glasses, laughing at the trailers.

Man Vs the BBC day three

25 Jun

Doing what the Brits do best ‘Writing A Letter!’ A rant from a professional grumbler lol


Man Vs the BBC day three.

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