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Metal Man

2 Jun

02 Toms man

I spent a couple of days invigilating the Twelve:34 exhibition at Fringe Arts Bath and I set up a small easel and used the time constructively to do some drawing. I rarely draw buildings so it was good discipline for me, although pretty tough, to spend several hours drawing an interior. It’s hard for me to inject some emotion and atmosphere into it and it’s all too easy to end up with a technical drawing.

I spent some time choosing what to draw and decided ot put Tom Warren’s extraordinary lifesize metal sculpture in the foreground. I used a traditional dip pen, Indian ink, ink wash, white ink onto a recycled piece of Somerset Velvet, approximately A3 that I’d prepared with a teabag stain. Although the room is compltely white, I played with markmaking and ink overlays to create some atmosphere.

Eff Ay Bee

1 Jun

01 bath window

I was invigilalting a group show that my work is in at Fringe Arts Bath, a FAB group of exhibitions scattered across 6 venues in the city. It’s the biggest event my work has been in – so far. But babysitting a show can get pretty boring, especially on a quiet day, so I turned to my trusty sketchbook. I was on the ground floor at FAB3 looking out through large Victorian windows across the small street at the back of the Roman baths and I used the windows to frame sketches of passers-by. I only had a very few seconds to get some lines on the paper and then I had to use my memory for the rest. Very demanding but good practice. I feel strongly that we artists should practice our craft, like singers practice their scales every day.

FAB is on for another week, until June the 9th and the show my work is in, with the Twelve:34 group from Swansea, is on the top floor of FAB3 at 3 York Street, immediately behind the Roman baths. If you’re passing, please pop in 🙂

Three in Bath…..

19 May

19 FAB1

Today I was up in Bath with two other artists, filmaker Notsogreatdictator Smith and collagist Melanie Ezra, delivering some of our work to the Twelve:34 exhibition that will be a part of the Fringe Arts Bath event, opening this coming Friday evening. Here are two of my large ‘maniere noire’ drawings. If you’re in Bath on Friday, please call in for the opening from 6.30 pm 🙂

19 FAB2

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