Mad Old Bat

2 May

One thing this trip to Boise, Idaho has already taught me, Get Out OF The Dark Age! When it comes to IT I’m so used to faffing around with lots of, mostly, archaic technology that I’m used to. My mobile phone is a phone, my PCs and laptop are out of the Ark, but you learn to cope until you’re in a situation where something doesn’t work as it normally does.If I stopped being a stubborn mad old bat and got a smartphone, it would have everything I needed in one place. I think I’m converting.

so I’m blogging on a borrowed Mac iPad and I haven’t yet figud out how to download photos so I can post them here. Hang on a minute, something’s happening. It’s linking to a photo, I think! well, let’s see what it’s done, eh?!

Yaaaay it’s one of the drawings I did from the bus taking me from Swansea to London to get the plane. It was very early and there was a low sun casting deep shadows acros frosted fields. Only enough time, s few seconds, to scribble quick impressions. Tomorrow I promise to find out how to put all the drawings up properly.

This artist residency is supported by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales.


2 Responses to “Mad Old Bat”

  1. this is lemonade May 3, 2013 at 11:36 #

    Instead of using the upload option in WordPress choose the one where you get the photo from URL and insert the link in the text field.
    I don’t think anyone has to come out of the “dark ages” technology-wise. If life is fine without a smart phone you’re probably doing a lot more with your time than just staring at a screen all the time.
    I’m just wondering all the time what life would be like for our next generation in the future- people have to own keep up with the times now. Our schools are loaded with technology that if a child can’t afford to have an iPad they are given or loaned one. What sort of message is that giving a child?
    Our values are so changed, when I was young and couldn’t afford something I got creative instead. Nowadays the pressure is greater than ever to use technology for everything. I think it can’t always stay this way. Something will implode!

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