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Little Lovely Leftovers

22 Feb


Just finished stitching a set of 15 little prints for the Leftovers VI international print exchange organised by the irrepressible Amy Nack at Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, USA. The premise of Leftovers is to use up some of those scraps of beautiful printmaking papers that are often left over from our projects. I have put together an edition of 15 little rubber stamp prints that I developed from an original screenprint. I printed them onto fragments of Japanese Shiohara paper and then stitched them onto leftover pieces of Somerset, using my antique Singer sewing machine. Artists from all over the world participate in this each year and Amy puts together a touring exhibition of each year’s Leftovers that travels the globe. If you’re quick, there’s still time to enter.

Scribbling USA

12 May


I came to Boise to collaborate with a group of artists to produce a body of monotypes and drawings, which we did, but I can’t resist the urge to scribble;it’s like scratching an itch. This is one I did of a grain elevator in Oregon. I’d never seen one before. It was huge. This is scribbled into my tiny bound leather steampunky sketchbook using a new Sharpie superfine pen. I’m not too keen on it as it bleeds through the page, but it might be better on a thicker paper, it gives a good line and flows well.


Yesterday I was at a steamroller print session in a local school. It was very hot so I spent some time sitting in the shade, scribbling. It’s great to be able to draw so many kids because they’re so completely different to adults. Skinny little Bambi legs and heads that look too big for their bodies. Scribbling in public means you have to be very quick and sometimes you get good sketches, sometimes not. This is a mixed bag but that’s what being an artist is about, you have to practice all the time.

This residency has been supported by The Arts Council Of Wales and Wales Arts International.


Mad Old Bat

2 May

One thing this trip to Boise, Idaho has already taught me, Get Out OF The Dark Age! When it comes to IT I’m so used to faffing around with lots of, mostly, archaic technology that I’m used to. My mobile phone is a phone, my PCs and laptop are out of the Ark, but you learn to cope until you’re in a situation where something doesn’t work as it normally does.If I stopped being a stubborn mad old bat and got a smartphone, it would have everything I needed in one place. I think I’m converting.

so I’m blogging on a borrowed Mac iPad and I haven’t yet figud out how to download photos so I can post them here. Hang on a minute, something’s happening. It’s linking to a photo, I think! well, let’s see what it’s done, eh?!


Yaaaay it’s one of the drawings I did from the bus taking me from Swansea to London to get the plane. It was very early and there was a low sun casting deep shadows acros frosted fields. Only enough time, s few seconds, to scribble quick impressions. Tomorrow I promise to find out how to put all the drawings up properly.

This artist residency is supported by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales.



1 May

In a foreign country! In a posh hotel in San Francisco! Could be worse I s’pose :).

Ever had one of those days? Aeroplane delayed in London; huge queue at American Immigration; missed the connecting flight; not another one until tomorrow! So the airline had to put me up for the night. Which is why I’m in San Francisco, not Boise.

Not a problem except that here I am on the other side of the world, in the wrong place and no-one knows I’m here. No problem – I’ll phone them. But my mobile phone network doesn’t work here. So I thought I’d email from one of those pay as you go email terminals in the airport. Except that my email provider and Facebook decided that I was a hacker and  locked my accounts down. Like I’m supposed to let Hotmail and Facebook know when I’m travelling abroad? pppfffttt! I finally settled on making a hugely expensive International call from the hotel to Husb who was fast asleep because it was 4am back home and he did some international calling and emailing to the people in Boise who had been waiting in vain for me to step off the plane. So it’s sorted now – as long as I get on that plane tomorrow!

WordPress recognises me so I can still communicate with the world through the hotel’s complimentary Internet access. Unfortunately, the leads that connect my camera to the computer that allows me to photograph all the sketches I did today and post them on my blog – is in Boise. So are my clothes and toiletries. So I’m in this posh hotel, surrounded by sparkling posh people, and I’m all smelly and dishevelled, like a mad old cat lady. Well, mad middle-aged cat lady. With a sketchbook………

This artist residency is supported by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales.


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