Steamrollers, Blocks and Chili

12 May



It’s my last day in Boise, Idaho and I spent the morning with Amy Nack, the Wingtip Press Director, at a steamroller printing session at a local school then the afternoon back at the studio to knock out a final couple of block prints. The first is a composite of a number of petroglyphs that I drew during my visit to Snake River.



When we were out on our road trip, I sat in the mountains and cut a small block. It’s the first time I’ve done any block cutting al fresco and it was fun. I used a soft, easy-cut block, the sort they use in schools. I haven’t used it before. Here are the results.

And here are some photos of the steamroller printing this morning. It was well over 90F and I had some fresh fruit salad Mexican style – mango, melon and pineapple sprinkled with salt and chili. Delicious.



This residency has been supported by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales.


6 Responses to “Steamrollers, Blocks and Chili”

  1. this is lemonade May 12, 2013 at 11:02 #

    Wow I didn’t imagine steam roller printing was literally that. I was expecting a photo of some desktop contraption! Looks like it’s been so much fun 🙂

    • Rosie Scribblah May 12, 2013 at 14:42 #

      Oh yesssss! A real little steamroller. The kids rolled Akua inks across a giant piece of Perspex and scribbled into it and cut stencils to put on it and then dampened paper put on top and steamrollered.

  2. Sketchy on the Detail May 12, 2013 at 09:32 #

    Looks like you had a fabulous time in Boise, getting lots of inspiration and making great prints! 🙂

  3. Block prints are great

    • Rosie Scribblah May 12, 2013 at 04:58 #

      I love doing them, especially now I’ve discovered Akua inks…..

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