One From The Archives :3

10 Sep

The Blanket

Another one from the archives; this time an etching.  I’ve been incorporating text into my drawings and mixed media work for some time, but it’s much harder to do so with most printmaking techniques because you have to work back to front. Luckily, the photopolymer method allows you to do this without the fear of getting it wrong.


The luxurious sensuality of the surroundings in this image contrast with the stark and simple portrayal of the human form. This is an etching of one of the nude models I work with and is developed from a study drawn with Renaissance materials, inspired by artwork I did for a television series about da Vinci.

For the print geeks out there, this is s photopolymer steel plate etching, hand-printed using oil pigment onto BFK Rives cotton rag paper.

You can see more about the techniques in an earlier blog here.

If you would like to own this drawing is it available from Artfinder.

AF logo

To see more work on Artfinder please follow the link below.


2 Responses to “One From The Archives :3”

  1. Phil Cooper September 11, 2015 at 09:11 #

    Beautiful etching, the figure just shines out from the rich surroundings in the most wonderful way

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