One From The Archives 13: The Gathering

24 Sep
The Gathering

The Gathering


Sleep. Dream. Nightmare. This is an etching of one of the female models I work with and is developed from a nude study drawn with Renaissance materials, inspired by artwork I did for a television series about da Vinci.  One of my initial drawings can be seen below.

For the etching, I worked on the drawing, using nib pen, Indian ink, ink wash and black oilbar onto transparent film. You can see this and other prepared drawings in my previous blog here. From these, I was able to make photopolymer plates which I used to produce etchings. You can see a detailed description of how I produced the etchings here.

Each etching is hand-printed by me using oil pigment onto BFK Rives cotton rag paper

Rin 13

Rinascere #13

I draw every day and don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t. Describing very specific aspects of the world and more to the point, the people in it, helps me to stamp my own vision on my surroundings.

Each drawing is an exploration of that vision, which means I can tackle the same subject in many different ways. Using different media means I can go even deeper into a subject and tease out threads of meaning I perhaps wasn’t initially aware of.

This drawing is in Indian ink using a traditional dip pen is on handmade paper, prepared with black and sepia ink washes.

The etching, ‘The Gathering’ and the drawing, Rinascere #13 are available for sale on Artfinder and if you’d like to find out more, please click on the links here and here to go directly to them or click on the top right of this page to see other works for sale.

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