Art In A War Zone

21 Apr
“Mariupol” by Oleksandr Shatokhin.

Swansea Print Workshop is hosting an important new digital exhibition of extraordinary drawings and illustrations by artists under siege in The Ukraine.

Below from left to right: Daria Filipova “24 02”: Grasya Oliyko “HOME”: Mari Kinovych “REFUGEE”: Illia Uhnivenko “NEW CHILDHOOD”.

The PICTORIC group of artists reached out to international friends and colleagues asking for help to show the artworks they were doing under bombardment. Swansea Print Workshop (SPW) is one of the first artist organisations in the UK to respond and SPW member Melvyn Williams quickly set up this exhibition of some of the hundreds of artworks showing the realities of life in a modern warzone.

Below from left to right: Veronika Kotyk “SPRING WAR”: Romana Ruban “IN DREAM”: Yulia Tveritina “IN HAND”: Daria Filipova “WINDOW”.

Most war art is officially commissioned and filtered through the political lens of governments or the military. This is by people on the ground reacting to what is happening to them as it is happening. It is an historical document and an insight into the real lives of people who want the world to know what is happening.  Perhaps most of all it is a testimony to the human spirit which is the same here as in Ukraine. If you want to know what we would feel like, how we would react if we were invaded, this art will show you.”

Please click on the link here to view the Ukrainian artists exhibition and please look out for the filmed interviews that Melvyn Williams is currently making with some of the Ukrainian artists that I will be posting here in the next few days xxx

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