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More Paintingy Drawingy Stuff

5 Oct

I carried on doing the paintingy drawingy thing today. I stapled a bit of gessoed canvas to the wall and started rubbing Daler Rowney System 3 acrylic pigments, thinned with screenprinting medium, onto it with my fingers wrapped in rags. The original is a life drawing I did earlier this year. It’s odd using paint. As a printmaker and scribbler I’m used to doing a process in one go. It’s weird for me to have to hang around to let paint dry before I carry on to add a bit more. I’m enjoying the technique, though, it’s free and expressionistic and quite fast.

I rubbed in a cherry pink at stage 4, white at stage 5 and then drew into it with willow charcoal in stage 6. Next step is to consolidate the drawing and develop the colours and details with Winsor & Newton oil bars. I was a bit more sensible today and went for a 5k walk after I did some work on this. Yesterday, I went out earlier and corpsed myself walking 7.5k and was too tired to work on the painting / drawing afterwards.

Getting Started

15 Sep


All artworks have a starting point and this is where my next few drawings start their gestation. I’ve had some beautiful A2 vintage Saunders paper for a while, not knowing what to do with it. So today I took a cheap window cleaning squeegee and scraped some black acrylic screen printing medium over some of them. Then I did the same with gold medium on top. I’m not sure what I’ll do next, that’s for another day.

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