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Evil Foreshortening (Female Nude)

30 Apr


Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. I had a choice of where to sit so, thinking aloud I said, “Shall I sit side on to draw an easier pose or shall I sit front on and do the really nasty foreshortening?” My sadistic fellow artists said, as one, “Front on! Do the foreshortening!” I was daft enough to listen. It was tough.


I started out with large graphite blocks and conte crayon onto a piece of Saunders paper, size A2, but I just couldn’t get the proportions right (bottom drawing). So I turned it over and started again with compressed charcoal and chalk (top drawing). It’s better but the foreshortening was really vicious. Oh well, good practice. It’s top quality paper and I don’t want to waste it so I’ll probably cover it with a layer of white gesso and re-use it, so this blog will eventually be the only record of the drawings.



Practice Makes Perfect (male nude)

9 Apr

april 09

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop and it was a tough one this evening. The pose is deceptively difficult, with foreshortening of the hands and legs and the model leaning back made the head a bit odd too. I struggled, using several grades of graphite stick onto a vintage Saunders paper. I used a very scribbly line (to cover up mistakes lol) and measured carefully as I was drawing, but still not quite right. Still, practice makes perfect as my Nana used to say.

Really Difficult (Female Nude)

2 Apr

April 02


Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. I spent an hour drawing this pose in compressed charcoal, chalk and conte crayon, black and white, onto a piece of Saunders vintage paper. It had some severe foreshortening, with both hands and the left foot going in different directions. It’s the most difficult pose I have ever drawn. I sweated! But it’s very good practice and pushed me right out of my comfort zone. And now, relax 🙂

Way Too Cute!

24 Feb

chelsea 3

I took my teenage niece with me to do a spot of puppy-sitting yesterday and I also took a drawing board, some beautiful vintage paper – Saunders from the Wooky Hole paper mill in Somerset – and charcoal, compressed and willow. I intended to do some portrait drawing of my niece, but I reckoned without the puppies! Way, way too cute and irresistible to a teenager apparently.

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I don’t know what she heard when I said,  “Keep still so I can draw you”. I think she heard, “Just roll around on the floor with the puppies then and don’t worry about keeping still so I can draw you!!!!!!!” So I did my best, but the little critters were a major distraction and I had to catch impressions of her as she cuddled the little tinkers. Ah well.

Getting Started

15 Sep


All artworks have a starting point and this is where my next few drawings start their gestation. I’ve had some beautiful A2 vintage Saunders paper for a while, not knowing what to do with it. So today I took a cheap window cleaning squeegee and scraped some black acrylic screen printing medium over some of them. Then I did the same with gold medium on top. I’m not sure what I’ll do next, that’s for another day.

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