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Crazy Hair, Don’t Care

29 Mar

crazy hair dont care

I’ve been working on this painting for a little while, I rarely paint but this is a birthday present for my dear young nephew, just turned 14 and the owner of some very unruly hair. I painted this from a photograph which I particularly like for its typical teenage insouciance.

I used Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic thinned with water into translucent glazes, which I overlaid, rather like painting with watercolour. It’s painted onto a stretched, gessoed white canvas.

Sprawling Teenager

4 Aug


Our great nephew is having a sleepover and is sprawled out in typical teenager style on his own settee with his mobile in his hand. He’s been scribbled.

Husb and I went to see the outdoor 20th anniversary screening of the cult film Twin Town last night. It rained. Today I have a heavy cold and sore throat and can hardly speak. But it was worth it.

Way Too Cute!

24 Feb

chelsea 3

I took my teenage niece with me to do a spot of puppy-sitting yesterday and I also took a drawing board, some beautiful vintage paper – Saunders from the Wooky Hole paper mill in Somerset – and charcoal, compressed and willow. I intended to do some portrait drawing of my niece, but I reckoned without the puppies! Way, way too cute and irresistible to a teenager apparently.

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I don’t know what she heard when I said,  “Keep still so I can draw you”. I think she heard, “Just roll around on the floor with the puppies then and don’t worry about keeping still so I can draw you!!!!!!!” So I did my best, but the little critters were a major distraction and I had to catch impressions of her as she cuddled the little tinkers. Ah well.


1 Dec


I did a quick scribble of Teenage Niece this evening. It had to be a quick scribble because she can’t sit still for long. It’s an interesting phase of development. Her face isn’t the scrunched up alien physique of a child but she still has a child-like roundness to her features. I used Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S and M into my A5 Tate Gallery sketchbook.

Bambis Bowling

8 Aug

Have some young relatives from abroad staying this week and it’s a bit hard to find time to draw when you’re entertaining and feeding sturdy, growing teenagers, so I fitted in some scribbling during a family bowling evening. I noticed that people generally stand where they are for a while to watch their bowling ball make its way down the aisle. And everyone has a different way of standing. So it was a great opportunity to practice some speed sketching and analyse different stances. The adult is sturdy, but the adolescents have impossibly skinny legs, like Bambi, which bend at odd angles. Each figure is a composite, sketched many times in between the bowling bouts. I lost. By a mile 😦

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