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Ready For The First Cut

10 Apr

ready cuts

I’ve been preparing a stack of vinyl blocks ready for cutting. I’ve drawn on them, firstly in graphite then in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens. Each block will be printed in 4 stages; the first stage is to start cutting away the areas that will be white on the final print. Then I’ll cut the areas that will be a light grey, then the areas to be dark grey and the final cut will leave the areas to be printed in black. This is called the ‘suicide’ or reduction method as it progressively cuts away at the block until there is very little of it left. There’s no margin for error. It’ll be a lot of work to print an edition from all 12 blocks. It’s going to take a while.

Printmakers = geeks. It’s true 😀

Berlin And The Geek

25 May

25 notso1

Spent a very long but happy day at Swansea Print Workshop, working with a talented group of artists to produce a body of monotypes, which we hope will form the basis of a portfolio to go to the USA in the Autumn. I based mine on a drawing I did of husb when we visited Berlin a couple of winters ago. He was wrapped up warm in a well-padded bright yellow jacket and I drew him in a tiny sketchbook on the Berlin Metro on our way to visit the Stasi museum. We’re such a jolly couple.He’s a real gent and always stands for ladies, so I get a lot of opportunity on public transport to sketch him from below, looking straight up his nose.

25 notso2

It’s not a flattering angle but I don’t like doing straightforward portraits; I like quirky. The monotype process created two unique pieces, one full-colour and one ‘ghost’. They are oil pigment (litho / relief ink) onto BFK Rives 250 gsm handmade paper, 15cms square. For a geeky explanation of the process, please visit my website. I am a geek. You have been warned 😀

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