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Faces On The Bakerloo

14 Nov

Ink drawing: kidfaceman.

Here are some more sketches done on tube trains, ideal for people-watching. This young man above was chatting to his friend and didn’t notice me – one of the few people talking on the London Tube! What struck me was his childlike face. His features were scrunched up into a much smaller area, unlike an average adult head. He was very animated and it’s a challenge to draw someone who’s smiling, laughing and talking so much. Reasonable likeness though.

The stylish man below was engrossed in his paper. He wore a large and expensive looking watch and a typical looking old-school tie. Drawing on the Tube is difficult because it’s so shaky and the line wobbles all over the place, but I like the effect.

Ink drawing: The Watchman.

They’re drawn in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen size ‘S’ into an ‘Artbox’ recycled leather-bound A6 sketchbook.





Tent City, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London.

5 Nov

Ink drawing: Tent City, St. Paul's Cathedral, London, UK.


I did some sketchbook drawings of the anti-capitalism protest outside St. Paul’s Cathedral during our visit to London earlier this week. I was surprised that the Cathedral staff had previously wanted to evict the protestors as there weren’t all that many there, they seemed a pretty peaceful bunch and they weren’t blocking anyone from walking around the church. I suspect that the Health and Safety Act was being used as an excuse ….. seriously, how many people have suffered injury or death from hippies in tents?

Not everyone is going to agree with their sentiments and that’s fine in a free society, but I’m worried that the presence of wardens, special constables, private security firms and bouncers on our streets is eroding our freedom not only to protest but also to be a bit different. I know artists who have had their cameras snatched by private security and special constables using the spurious excuse of ‘anti-terrorism’. In my opinion, artists must resist attempts to curb our freedom and what happens to the protestors at St. Paul’s is absolutely relevant to the freedom of artists to observe, record and reflect.

Ink drawing: 'Democracy Now' at Tent City, St. Paul's.

The drawings are in Faber Castell Pitt pens, sizes S and M into an ‘Artbox’ recycled leather bound A6 sketchbook.



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