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Black On Black

16 Mar

16 mari

First off, Wales won the Six Nations Cup in the International Rugby today. A great end to a fab week. At the start Husb and I were in London for a few days, taking in some exhibitions. The Ice Age Art show at the British Museum was fantastic and it’s influence stayed with me during life drawing group on Thursday. We had a model who reminded me of the sculptures I’d seen at The British Museum so I pushed out of my comfort zone and used similar materials to the ones available to paleolithic artists, lumps of graphite, charcoal, chalk and carbon. I couldn’t use my usual fine line style so the drawing developed tonally using diagonal strokes, pulling the figure out of the darkness. It’s about A4 size and I prepared the background with a block of graphite before drawing on top. I like the effect of the different blacks on black. It’s on handmade paper I bought from the Tate gallery a couple of years ago.

Watching The Rugby

12 Feb

Ink sketch.

Here’s The Husb indulging one of his favourite pastimes today, lying on the settee watching an international Rugby match on the TV. Of course Wales was playing. And Wales won. So he’s a very, very happy Husb. Final score Wales 27, Scotland 13.  Well played, excellent game, minimal shouting and swearing from the region of the settee.

I stood at the end of the settee to do the drawing, with my Pilot drawing pen, currently my favourite; I’m having a bit of a break from Faber Castell Pitts. It’s in my little cat-themed sketchbook. The foreshortening is good fun, but I don’t think he’s too pleased at the view of his male pattern baldness lol.


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