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Filthy Paws

13 Jun


I always was a mucky kid, climbing trees, making dens, digging the garden with my fingers. I haven’t changed. One good thing about being an artist is that I can be just as mucky as I was back then. Today I prepared a huge piece of paper for manier noir drawing.


I was intending to cut up the sheet into smaller pieces to do a series of drawings, but I quite like this huge piece …. maybe I should keep it like this and do one giant drawing. What do you think?


manier noir

So…shall I split this up into smaller pieces or do one enormous drawing?



I’m currently working on a series of expressive drawings of ancestral sites and if you want to see some of my other artworks, please click here.

Listen And Look

19 Sep

Here I am drawing while David Pitt plays gong at The Bagpuss Window on Swansea’s High Street. Just a very short video showing the manky old shop when we got it and the still quite manky artspace it is now. It’s being knocked down in a few weeks so everything we do in there is ephemeral, it will eventually only exist in our photos and videos.


As well as the huge drawing on the wall, I’ve been getting into making little tableaux in the window. This one features tiny handmade books by Bud Francis and drawings by me.

ralph paints

And in this one, Robodog Ralph shows Bagpuss how to paint (it’s actually by Tim Swain. AI isn’t that good yet. Not round here anyway).

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