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Public Pop Ups

20 Jan


The 15 Hundred Lives art collective that I’m a member of has been doing these 2-day events monthly in Swansea since the summer, partly to get the benfits of working in a large space with other artists. But also to open up the process to the public.


We are committed to democratising art and getting art out of ‘white cubes’ and into public places. We publicise these events extensively via Facebook and through the local press, who really like our approach to public involvement. The venue, Creative Bubble, is building a reputation as a public artspace.

kids groupEach month each event brings in people of all ages, professional and hobby artists along with members of the public who are interested and want to see what’s going on.

pop up

We also have a table stocked with basic drawing and painting materials  and people can join in and paint, draw, collage onto paper plates which we then display on the walls as a public pop-up gallery.


Some artists want an opportunity to put their work-in-progress up and talk to people about it, getting valuable feedback, like Melanie Ezra above.

me seren 1

And we get new experiences too. Here I am being painted by a toddler.

owain steffan

And here’s a little artist proudly showing his collage and a tiny critic showing his appreciation.





Window Dressing

21 Sep

double window

Finished the third day of drawing in public at the Creative Bubble shop. It was stimulating to have the space to work on a very large piece with other artists close by. I’m developing some large-scale drawings, overlaying different types of drawing media. This is brown wrapping paper underneath with tracing parchment on top. The bottom layer is drawn with compressed charcoal and chalk but I switched to oilbars and Indian ink, applied with a large reed pen, on the translucent tracing parchment. The building in the background is the old Palace Theatre in Swansea, currently the focus of a campaign to save it from falling to bits.

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We’ve finished the event now, although we’re hoping to do this monthly, but we’ve left the work on site, putting a pop-up exhibition in the shop windows for the rest of the weekend. I’d like to do this in all the empty shop windows in the city centre.

Feathery Fidgety Fellows

22 Apr


I’m part of an artist collective called Commensalis that aims to organise pop-up exhibitions in quirky places to get our work seen by a good cross-section of people, not only dedicated artanistas. We’ve found a geat mortuary chapel in Bath, UK and we’re busy raising some money through crowd-funding to cover the costs of putting on an artshow as we don’t get any public funding.


It’s the first time we’ve tried this and it’s certainly a learning experience. It works by inviting people to become sponsors and in return they can choose a ‘reward’. We’re 3 weeks in and we’ve raised just over 40% of our target, which is really good, but it’s slowed down a bit over the past few days so we’re taking some of the rewards off the site and putting new ones up.


These are some tiny drawings I did a while back just after Woolworth’s Stores closed. I used to sit in Waterstones cafe opposite our local Woollies and sketch pigeons that quickly colonised the lettering on the building’s facade. Once the store had closed permanently, the signage was no longer illuminated so it was cool enough for the pigeons to sit on. They fidget all the time so it wasn’t easy to draw them!


They’re original drawings in pen onto Cotman watercolour paper, mounted onto Fabriano that I coloured randomly with a metallic acrylic medium. The overall size is approximately 15 cms square and they’re ready for framing. They’re available as rewards from our Commensalis crowdfunding site if you fancy giving one of the little fellows a home 🙂

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