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Little Fluffy Psychopath

21 Nov


Ming The Merciless is elderly now, sixteen years old, one-eyed and has arthritis in her paws so she can’t scratch her claws anymore and they need to be clipped. Problem is, she’s a complete psycho! There’s no way we can do it so for the past couple of years she’s been going to the vets every few months to have them clipped by professionals. But they’re terrified of her so she’s been having a general anaesthetic each time. They’ve now decided that she’s too old and frail to have a general if it’s for a non-life threatening condition. So today we tried something new. We slipped her a Mickey Finn in some food and Husb took her to the vet an hour later when she was well woozy and could barely stand up. Even in that state she was incredibly violent and took out two vets. They managed to do her back paws and one front paw but had to give up! When she came home, she had the munchies and scoffed a ton of food, then crashed out. I don’t know what was in the tablet they gave her.

I have work featured in two exhibitions at the moment – in The Workers Gallery in The Rhondda Valley and at Llanover Hall in Cardiff, both lovely venues and worth a look-in if you’re in the area.


Ming And The Mickey Finn

2 Aug

02 scooter

Greetings bald monkeys. Sparta Puss here. I’ve managed to wrest the pooter box from my trained apes. It’s been a while, but frankly, I couldn’t be bothered to do anything much in this hot weather except lie around in a shady nook and throw a few half-dead rats at my hairless she-ape.  It amuses me.

We had a bit of excitement. My fellow goddess, Ming the Merciless had an ingrowing claw, so my bald he-monkey phoned the vetape to make an appointment and he clearly told the vetape that Ming is a complete and utter psychopath and would have to be slipped a Mickey Finn or she would try to murder him. So he agreed and my bald he-monkey took Ming the Merciless to the vetape and when he got there he took her into a room where there was a vetape, a nursemonkey and a Mickey Finn.

Now the thing about Ming is that she is very tiny, very fluffy and has only one eye. And all the hoomankeys think she’s cute. FOOLS! So the vetape said he’d cut her claws without a Mickey Finn and my trained monkey said ‘NO, she’ll go nuts’ but the vetape and nursemonkey were cooing over Ming and ignored my bald ape. So she made them bleed. Lots. That’ll teach ’em.

The she-ape went away to England and came back with a drawing of a foreign cat called Scooter. She is a tabby stripey cat who moves around her house lying in the puddles of sunlight. I like her style.

Ming the Merciless and Melvyn catching some zzzzzzzzzzeds

1 Aug

Ming the Merciles and her Man


Cats are not easy to draw when they’re awake because they move around so much, so most of my cat drawings are of sleeping kitties, which can get a bit boring, so I jump at the chance of getting a different angle. Ming has always adored Melvyn and he her and she often uses him as a giant cushion. They had both dozed off one evening and I managed to get enough time to do this drawing.

We rescued Ming when she was just a tiny, starving scrap about 10 months old. She was extremely ill from neglect and after 4 nights at the vet’s hospital, touch and go, we brought her home and she promptly went to sleep stretched along Melvyn’s legs. We had three older cats and she was very scared and reacting aggressively with them but she obviously felt secure when she was with Melvyn. We’ve had her 9 years now and she still cwtches up to him and usually sleeps next to him on the bed. They’re pretty much inseparable and she’s brought so much fun into our house, it was worth all the effort to save her.

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