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Silbury Sunset

18 Oct


Husb and I had a few days away, visiting friends in the south of England. We drove back today across ancient landscape and stopped for a little while at the most extraordinary Silbury Hill, just as the Autumn sun was setting.




Giant Horse Prancing

20 Jun

20 cherhill

Here’s the final sketch I did on our Brighton road trip last weekend. Shortly after we left the amazing Silbury Hill on the A4, we spotted the enormous Cherhill White Horse prancing across the hillside. Cue another scribble-stop. It has to be done. I’ve tried to capture the scale of it but it’s hard because you don’t normally see giant horses on hills. It dwarfed the copses of large mature trees on the hilltop. It isn’t the most ancient of the Wiltshire white horses, only a couple of centuries old, first cut in 1780 by a man known locally as ‘the mad doctor’.


AND this is the last page of my lovely A5 pink silk recycled sari sketchbook. It’s always sad to finish one because it contains so many memories but it’s also exciting to start a new one. Now which shall I choose?

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