10 May


Along the Oregon Trail from Boise, Idaho to Pendleton where we visited Crow’s Shadow Press and I experienced pulled pork in a Wild West Saloon bar. Here’s a little sketch of it. On the way here I saw amazing changes of vast landscapes and went into a casino. I came back out again pretty quickly, one of the most depressing places I’ve ever seen.

It’s incredible that people managed to get here in wagons and on horseback, the landscape is so dramatic and harsh. It was so overpowering that I couldn’t really focus enough to stop and sketch but now I’ve had a chance to take it in, I’ll be scribbling on our way back to Boise tomorrow with my traveling companion, Amy Nack of Wingtip Press.

This artist residency has been supported by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales.


4 Responses to “ROAD TRIP!”

  1. Hansi May 10, 2013 at 14:17 #

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful trip in the Northwest.

  2. Great sketch. You have captured the atmosphere of the old west really well.

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