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Corvids And Erratics

2 Oct

02 doolin pier

On our recent trip to Ireland, Husb and I began exploring The Burren in County Clare. We stopped at Doolin Pier to look at the slumped sedimentary rocks in the cliffs and the glacial erratics, massive rocks from far away, dunped on the ground by ancient glaciers.  As I was drawing Husb near one of the huge erratics, I noticed loads of crow-like birds trotting around all over the place. I’m not a twitcher, I could tell they were corvids but couldn’t be more specific than that. They came up really close, making a ‘clicking’ sort of clucking noise and scrounging food. When I threw them some scraps of sandwich, they stored the pieces in their lower mouth and their necks swelled up very clearly.  They completely distracted me from the landscape and I filled the paper with them instead. Like all the other birds I’ve drawn, they didn’t stop fidgeting!


I drew them into my A5 cloth-bound sketchbook with Faber castell Pitt drawing pens in various sizes. I prepared the paper with torn strips of brown wrapping paper stuck on with Pritt stick glue.

Beauty In Death

19 Jul

19 dead crow

Husb and I went to the Mission Gallery’s new show opening tonight and nearly fell over with the heatwave after about 10 minutes so we left and strolled along the seafront on our way home and came across this dead bird. It’s some sort of crow and was fairly recently dead as only a couple of flies had found it. Such a beautiful creature, black and glossy and at repose. Then as we arrived home, some friends arrived and stayed for some ice cold home-made elderflower cordial. It’s so refreshing in this weather. Our friends asked if we’d taken a photo of the bird.

“Ew no!” I said, “that would be weird!”

“And standing around for 10 minutes in public drawing a little corpse isn’t?” they asked.

Hmm. Fair comment. Drawn into my A5 cloth-bound sketchbook, prepared with ripped brown wrapping paper, with Faber Castell Pitt pens, sizes S, F and B in sepia. I added a grey ink wash later.

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