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A Murder?

11 Sep

11 murder

I did a drawing in my sketchbook a couple of months ago of a dead crow that Husb and I found when we were out walking and this week I developed it into a drypoint etching. I scratched the image into a paper drypoint plate and printed with black drypoint oil-based ink, partly onto handmade tissue paper with gold leaf as chine colle.  I made 6 prints so it’s a very small edition, but you won’t get many more from any drypoint plate. I’ve called it a murder because the collective noun for crows is a murder. And it’s dead.

Beauty In Death

19 Jul

19 dead crow

Husb and I went to the Mission Gallery’s new show opening tonight and nearly fell over with the heatwave after about 10 minutes so we left and strolled along the seafront on our way home and came across this dead bird. It’s some sort of crow and was fairly recently dead as only a couple of flies had found it. Such a beautiful creature, black and glossy and at repose. Then as we arrived home, some friends arrived and stayed for some ice cold home-made elderflower cordial. It’s so refreshing in this weather. Our friends asked if we’d taken a photo of the bird.

“Ew no!” I said, “that would be weird!”

“And standing around for 10 minutes in public drawing a little corpse isn’t?” they asked.

Hmm. Fair comment. Drawn into my A5 cloth-bound sketchbook, prepared with ripped brown wrapping paper, with Faber Castell Pitt pens, sizes S, F and B in sepia. I added a grey ink wash later.

I’m No Twitcher

21 Nov


Just a quickie as I was walking past a lampost this morning and I saw this crow thingy on top. He wanted to fly down and eat some discarded food on the road but I was too close. He made his views known by making squawking noises at me and moving his body and head up and down. I’m no twitcher so I don’t know what sort of crow thingy it was. Just managed a few scribbles before he flew off in disgust.
I’ll be offline for a few days but when I come back I hope to have some new work to show. See you next week. 🙂



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