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Eyes Wide Shut

21 Jan

I’m going to post a series of my Baby Boomer drawings over the next few days. I’ve been doing quite a few lately. This model wanted to read during our 30 minutes together and it’s interesting for me because she’s the only person so far that hasn’t had their eyes wide open.

Eyes Full Of Life

7 Jul
eyes full of life

Sketchbook drawing of an older woman

I’m really enjoying the 10 minute head sketches from photos I’ve been doing recently. As well as helping me to practice accurate speed sketching, my chosen subject, elderly women, is fascinating. I look forward each evening to exploring the heads I find on Google, they are so full of character and experience. This elder woman has extraordinary eyes, so full of life. She is beautiful.

I drew her with graphite, white and black conté crayon into my hardbacked A4 sketchbook that I prepared with ripped brown parcel paper, stuck in with Pritt stick. I always use Pritt because it doesn’t buckle the paper and it stays stuck. Cheaper versions don’t. The brown paper gives me a mid-tone ground over which I apply highlights and lowlights which is quite dramatic. It also gives a good texture when I rub my conté over it.

Stuff Behind My Eyes

28 May

Had a day away from the studio today to catch up on admin and do things I’d been putting off for a while, like getting an eye test. I’ve been squinting for a good while now and need new specs so finally got round to it today. I like the bit when the optician shines a light into your eyes and you have to look in different directions while they check out the back of your eye. If you concentrate, you can see all sorts of weird stuff going on quite clearly. Loads of veins snaking from the centre and little moon-like craters set against a backdrop that looked a bit like honeycomb and all bathed in an eerie red glow. I don’t like the bit when they puff a jet of air into your eye but the peripheral vision test was fun because I had to don an eyepatch. They’d run out of adult ones, so I was sitting in Boots the Chemist in a kids black eyepatch with a skull and crossbones on it!

While I was waiting for my appointment, I did a quick sketch of an elderly lady going through the paperwork for her new specs. She could hardly see and had a very pronounced squint that went when she tried on her new glasses.


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