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Tit For Tat

26 Jan

At last, one of my Baby Boomer ‘victims’ who drew me right back! A lot of the people sitting for this series of 30 minute portraits are fellow artists and this one scribbled me while I scribbled him. Tit for tat.

Eyes And Patterns

25 Jan

Today’s Baby Boomer, a striking woman with huge eyes and some fabulous patterns. One of my series of 30 minute portrait sketches of my generation. I’m aiming to do a hundred – I’m about a quarter of the way through.

The Scarf

24 Jan

Another day, another Baby Boomer sketch, done in under 30 minutes, recording my generation. I used graphite sticks into an A5 spiralbound sketchbook. It’s nice to have something like a scarf to draw around the neck.


23 Jan

And another of my Baby Boomer portrait sketches, all done in under 30 minutes into an A5 spiral bound sketchbook, this one with graphite sticks. Spectacles are so difficult to do – if you don’t get them right, it throws all the other proportions out.

Talking ‘Bout My Generation

22 Jan

Checkland D

Continuing with my series of 30 minute sketches of baby boomers – my generation……..

Eyes Wide Shut

21 Jan

I’m going to post a series of my Baby Boomer drawings over the next few days. I’ve been doing quite a few lately. This model wanted to read during our 30 minutes together and it’s interesting for me because she’s the only person so far that hasn’t had their eyes wide open.

Velvet Loons

18 Jan


I’m inviting people to come down to The SPace on Swansea’s High Street to be drawn for my series of 30 minute drawings of Baby Boomers. I’m aiming to do 100 in all and I reached number 23 today. Eventually I’ll be using all 100 images in a large installation, still in the early planning stages, but for the time being I’m enjoying talking and drawing. An important part of the whole experience for me is the series of conversations I’m having, discussing the landmarks in our lives, the things that are iconic, the experiences we had. It’s odd that the Baby Boomers are now more or less the elder generation, it seems hardly any time ago we were partying in our velvet loons and platform boots back in the 1970s (and 1960s and 1980s).

The SPace is a temporary outreach pop-up gallery and studio from Swansea Print Workshop and Coastal Housing Group. It’s open Wednesdays to Saturdays, 11.30 – 5.00 until mid-February.

Floyd On Ice

3 Dec

on the road

Travelling across Iceland with Olafur The Guide, Otto The Driver and a gaggle of, mostly, babyboomers, we went off-road in some giant jeeps up to the Gigjokull glacier. We’d had three days of deep snow, which was spectacular but unfortunately it meant that we weren’t able to see any Aurorae because of the heavy cloud cover. We set off in darkness and a blizzard (it’s so far north that sun didn’t rise until about 10am) and headed for a rendevous with our intrepid drivers, who said very seriously that the snowstorms had made conditions on the glacier treacherous and that some jeeps had been having difficulties getting into the wilderness. Then they grinned broadly with a gung-ho, bring-it-on spirit and we loaded ourselves into the jeeps and off we went on an adventure.


Look what Husb found!

The conditions were certainly the roughest I’ve experienced, and I’ve been up the Karakoram Highway! But hell, what fun! There were no roads and only the occasional track sketched very faintly in the deep snow. The landscape changes all the time; rivers alter their courses; the riverbanks can collapse without warning; all good stuff. The guys we were with knew what they were doing; they’ve been going into the wilderness since they were kids and they loved it.

Blue ice 1

The landscape is so amazing; my feeble sketch doesn’t begin to do it justice (mind you, my fingers nearly froze off after about 30 seconds, so I’m not going to beat myself up over it). On the journey back to the road, we hit a very steep river gully and there were a sticky few minutes when the jeep really struggled to pull itself out of the river and up the other side. As it strained its way up the riverbank through feet of snow, the driver cranked up the volume on the hifi and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon blared out to the cheers of the jeepload of babyboomers. Surreal and spectacular. When I first heard that album, almost 4 decades ago, I never dreamt that I’d ever hear it in circumstances like this. If I’d died at that moment, I’d have died happy :D.

blue ice 2

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