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Velvet Loons

18 Jan


I’m inviting people to come down to The SPace on Swansea’s High Street to be drawn for my series of 30 minute drawings of Baby Boomers. I’m aiming to do 100 in all and I reached number 23 today. Eventually I’ll be using all 100 images in a large installation, still in the early planning stages, but for the time being I’m enjoying talking and drawing. An important part of the whole experience for me is the series of conversations I’m having, discussing the landmarks in our lives, the things that are iconic, the experiences we had. It’s odd that the Baby Boomers are now more or less the elder generation, it seems hardly any time ago we were partying in our velvet loons and platform boots back in the 1970s (and 1960s and 1980s).

The SPace is a temporary outreach pop-up gallery and studio from Swansea Print Workshop and Coastal Housing Group. It’s open Wednesdays to Saturdays, 11.30 – 5.00 until mid-February.

Baggies And Beards

6 Sep


Now I know I’m getting old. I sound just like my father when I see what young men are wearing these days. Baggy, baggy jeans halfway down their bums and beatnik, or is it hipster, beards. What’s wrong with waist length hair, crushed velvet loons and pretty, clean shaven faces, eh? Mutter, mutter ……

Boots And Bumpers

19 May

Sometimes I just don’t want to do any drawing in my sketchbook. I spent a few hours in the studio, working on a large piece with oilbars and wiping most of it off with bits of rag and I really didn’t want to sketch. But I forced myself to, because it’s a completely different sort of drawing to the studio work and I think it’s good discipline for me. It doesn’t have to be a detailed, finely wrought piece of work, it’s just chilling out and having a scribble. So I did a quick sketch, just a few minutes, of mine and Husb’s booted-up feet lounging together on a footstool [there’s romantic]. He’s wearing his well-worn walking boots and I’m wearing my new Converse bumpers. I don’t know what they’re called these days. When I was a kid they were daps, then bumpers. My parents called them gyms. I bought them a couple of weeks ago when my 12 year-old great niece dragged me into a posh shoeshop and ordered me to buy some decent shoes because, apparently, my fashion sense is ‘awful’. That’s news to me. I didn’t know I had any fashion sense.

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