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Paisley Daps

22 Mar


This coronavirus situation is weird for me, creatively. I seem to be unable to do anything meaningful, I have no ideas about how to do some art that is relevant. It will come with time, I suppose – I hope. In the meanwhile, I need to just knuckle down and practice. So I drew my paisley daps on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using a free Markers app. I haven’t used either for ages, it’s a bit of a clumsy programme but to be honest I can’t be bothered to learn a more sophisticated programme, I prefer to create art mostly in the real rather than virtual world. But the tablet is easy to pick up, no need to go to the cupboards and get my materials out and set up a work station.


I’ve been spending more time cooking and working on the allotment, survival instinct I guess. Our allotment is in a gorgeous place, behind Oystermouth Castle and we’ve had a good few days, dry and sunny, and the site is so big that it’s easy to practice social isolation.





Daps And Brambles

26 Aug

beach 2

Husb and I are making the most of the gentle weather to get down to the beach as often as possible. It’s a beautiful place and not as appreciated as it should be. We had a good walk this evening at high tide and an added bonus ….. there were loads of brambles in the woodland fringing the beach and we foraged four pounds (almost 2 kilos) of ripe blackberries. They’ll be converted to blackberry jelly tomorrow. I can smell them cooking now, filling the house with the scent of late summer.

beach dap

I stood at the edge of the waves and had another go at drawing the sea, concentrating on finding marks that conveyed the impression of water. I haven’t cracked it yet, long way to go, but I’ll persevere. It was much easier drawing my dap. In other parts of the world they’re trainers, baseball boots, bumpers, convers, gym shoes, plimsolls, sneakers, but round here they’re daps.


Drawn with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S, F, M and B, into my tiny A6 spotty sketchbook.

Boots And Bumpers

19 May

Sometimes I just don’t want to do any drawing in my sketchbook. I spent a few hours in the studio, working on a large piece with oilbars and wiping most of it off with bits of rag and I really didn’t want to sketch. But I forced myself to, because it’s a completely different sort of drawing to the studio work and I think it’s good discipline for me. It doesn’t have to be a detailed, finely wrought piece of work, it’s just chilling out and having a scribble. So I did a quick sketch, just a few minutes, of mine and Husb’s booted-up feet lounging together on a footstool [there’s romantic]. He’s wearing his well-worn walking boots and I’m wearing my new Converse bumpers. I don’t know what they’re called these days. When I was a kid they were daps, then bumpers. My parents called them gyms. I bought them a couple of weeks ago when my 12 year-old great niece dragged me into a posh shoeshop and ordered me to buy some decent shoes because, apparently, my fashion sense is ‘awful’. That’s news to me. I didn’t know I had any fashion sense.

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