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Paisley Daps

22 Mar


This coronavirus situation is weird for me, creatively. I seem to be unable to do anything meaningful, I have no ideas about how to do some art that is relevant. It will come with time, I suppose – I hope. In the meanwhile, I need to just knuckle down and practice. So I drew my paisley daps on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using a free Markers app. I haven’t used either for ages, it’s a bit of a clumsy programme but to be honest I can’t be bothered to learn a more sophisticated programme, I prefer to create art mostly in the real rather than virtual world. But the tablet is easy to pick up, no need to go to the cupboards and get my materials out and set up a work station.


I’ve been spending more time cooking and working on the allotment, survival instinct I guess. Our allotment is in a gorgeous place, behind Oystermouth Castle and we’ve had a good few days, dry and sunny, and the site is so big that it’s easy to practice social isolation.





Comfy Shoes

2 Jun


End of a long day, lots of family stuff and a visit to town and it’s hot and sticky and muggy so I’m slobbing out at home scribbling my comfy shoes into my little flower covered sketchbook.


It’s tiny and I’m using a biro (ballpoint) pen.

Digital Feet

10 Sep

Today’s been one of those days which is mostly admin. That’s the reality for anyone who’s self employed. It’s not sitting around all day doing creative stuff. I wish. So I really didn’t want to do any drawing today but I set myself the target to draw daily and draw I must.

And the easiest thing to do is to draw my feet, tucked up on a footstool with the telly on. This time I used the Samsung Tablet, having a play with the Magic Marker app . These are my multi coloured Convers. I got them in a sale. That’s the only sort of shopping I like 🙂

Wonky Boots

8 Oct

Only time for a very quickie sketch today so I scribbled my boots which are a bit wonky now that I’ve worn them in. I’m not a shoe person and I don’t like shiny, pristine footwear so I like my boots best when they’re a bit battered. I don’t get the shopping for shoes thing at all. However, I have far more pairs of boots than I let on to Husb 😉

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