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A Digital Quickie

17 Jul


Got to the end of a busy day without doing a drawing so I grabbed my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet with a free drawing app called Markers and did a quick digital sketch of my foot. I used mostly opaque colours which gives it a sort of silkscreeny look.

Getting Started

22 Jun

sketch 1

Just started drawing an idea for a new woodcut, scribbled it out onto a piece of layout paper with a chunk of 6B graphite first then did a couple of more detailed studies.


Next stage – getting some hand-lettering worked out….

Primitive And Clunky

9 Jul

Went for a longish walk this afternoon in the continuing heatwave and we kept up a cracking pace and I didn’t have time to do a scribble in my sketchbook.  So I grabbed my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 when I was sitting down chilling out with a cup of iced green tea (oooh get me) with my tired old feet up on the pouffe and I thought “Oh go on then, scribble these.” I try to do a scribble every day. It’s not great art but it’s practice and it’s keeping me physically and mentally in tune with my drawing skills. I use a free Markers app which is quite primitive and clunky, but frankly I don’t have the time or inclination to research,  buy and start using a new, more expansive app.

Slow Selfie

3 Mar


Here I am looming in the background of the life drawing I did last night at Swansea Print Workshop. It’s a slow selfie. I always look so cross when I’m drawing. Ho hum.


I am putting my series of drawings of ancient Welsh monuments on Artfinder.  If you want to see more, please click on the image below or the Artfinder link at the top right of this page.

St Elvis

Cat. Feet.

13 Jan


I often do my daily drawing at the end of a busy day, when I’m crashed on my chair in front of the TV. That’s why there are a lot of drawings in previous posts of my cat or my feet. Tonight I have a drawing of my cat AND my feet. Bargain. I had my feet up on a stool and she lay along my legs, taking advantage of my body heat. I scribbled her into my Tate Gallery A5 sketchbook, across two pages, with two tones of graphite. This is Sparta Puss. Ming the Merciless is ignoring us.

The Artist’s Feet

14 Dec

14 feet

Not mine this time. I often scribble my feet when I’ve reached the end of the day and I haven’t done a daily drawing, but today I drew the feet of my chum and fellow artist, Melanie Ezra. Poor Mel tripped earlier in the week and fractured her foot. Today, she kindly offered me her feet to draw. The unfractured one is very slim and pale pinky-white but the broken one is swollen, misshapen and livid colours. It’s far more interesting to draw someone else’s feet.

I used a piece of Bockinford 250gsm paper, pre-coloured with yellow System 3 acrylic paint mixed with a little acrylic medium. I drew with black conte crayon and Winsor & Newton oilbars in white, cobalt blue, crimson and hookers green rubbed with a rag dipped in linseed oil.

Digital Feet

10 Sep

Today’s been one of those days which is mostly admin. That’s the reality for anyone who’s self employed. It’s not sitting around all day doing creative stuff. I wish. So I really didn’t want to do any drawing today but I set myself the target to draw daily and draw I must.

And the easiest thing to do is to draw my feet, tucked up on a footstool with the telly on. This time I used the Samsung Tablet, having a play with the Magic Marker app . These are my multi coloured Convers. I got them in a sale. That’s the only sort of shopping I like 🙂

My Chiropodist’s Leg!

14 Sep

I paid a visit to my chiropodist yesterday for my quarterly foot-hack. Anatomical study is important in both our professions and we have interesting chats about art and science. I frequently work from the resident skeleton at our art studios, Felicity. During our chat my chiropodist asked me if I wanted to hold his leg. Of course, I jumped at the chance. So he went to his cupboard, pulled out a long drawstring bag and took out the bottom of a human leg, below the knee. The skeleton I work from is a plastic cast, but this leg is real. It has a different weight and the bone feels more – organic I guess. He showed me how to arrange the bones as they should be, if the tendons and muscles and so on were there. When you hang a skeleton, the foot bones tend to splay out, but they should be arched and the tibia and fibula sit in a particular way on the top of the foot. Interesting stuff. Well, to me anyway.

Drawn in chalky pastels and compressed charcoal into a cream A2 sketchbook.

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