The Hard Hand

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. I chose to punish myself this evening with a foreshortened hand. It was hard. After the tea break (with a Victoria Sandwich) we had a one-hour pose and I spent the whole time working on this hand and knee.

Mucky Time!

Another very hot day in Boise, Idaho and I spent the morning with Amy and Arun at Wingtip Press, setting up a simple exhibition of the work done by our collaborative group of seven artists. I’m really pleased with it and we’re going to continue our collaboration when I come home and expand the groupContinue reading “Mucky Time!”

My Chiropodist’s Leg!

I paid a visit to my chiropodist yesterday for my quarterly foot-hack. Anatomical study is important in both our professions and we have interesting chats about art and science. I frequently work from the resident skeleton at our art studios, Felicity. During our chat my chiropodist asked me if I wanted to hold his leg.Continue reading “My Chiropodist’s Leg!”

Skeletons I Have Known [1].

  People who’ve read my blog before will know that I share my studio with a skeleton, a lady called Felicity. But I’ve drawn other skeletons too. This one, nicknamed Fred Skelly, was the subject of many drawings during a life drawing course at Gorseinon College. He was once a man – smaller pelvis, shorterContinue reading “Skeletons I Have Known [1].”