Under The Weather…

It’s been one of those days when I feel really under the weather – and the weather is miserable, grey and rainy. I didn’t get on with the pastel drawing I wanted to complete so I grabbed a few minutes to scribble my feet that are perched on top of my exercise ball in theContinue reading “Under The Weather…”

Saint, Sunlight And Scabby Exterior

  I did more sketching towards the end of my recent holiday in Italy, in Bologna, than earlier in Florence, mainly, I think, because making art is my profession and drawing while I’m on vacation feels like work. But after a few days I had itchy fingers and started to scribble in my sketchbook again.Continue reading “Saint, Sunlight And Scabby Exterior”

The Skinless

Another quick sketch from my recent trip to Northern Italy, this one from the Anatomical Theatre in the Palazzo Archiginnasio in Bologna. The theatre, built in 1637 by Antonio Levante, is a beautiful room in carved wood which looks, to me anyway, like a classical anatomy theatre should. There are two wonderful life-size wooden statuesContinue reading “The Skinless”

Why Life Drawing?

I’m often asked why I do life drawing. Partly it’s because the portrayal of the human form in European art dates back around 40,000 years to cave paintings; partly because I love to study anatomy, it’s complex and I love it; and partly because I was trained in the discipline of regular drawing exercise, whichContinue reading “Why Life Drawing?”

The Nightmare Foot

Here’s another digital life drawing I did at Swansea Print Workshop this week. I love doing life drawing; I love anatomy and I like to challenge myself with a bit of foreshortening. It’s hard to draw though. That left foot was a nightmare. I used my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet with a free MarkersContinue reading “The Nightmare Foot”

Head Shot

Just got back from life drawing group at Swansea Print Workshop where I concentrated on doing a portrait. I’ve been doing life drawing and studying anatomy for decades but I don’t think I get enough practice with faces, so I’m going to focus on heads for a bit. This is a pretty good likeness. IContinue reading “Head Shot”

Skull Attack

Back in my wilder, younger, biker days I was very fond of a local beer, Brain’s S.A., fondly nicknamed Skull Attack. Now I’m older and wiser (?!) I like to use skulls in the development of my artwork. I’ve been at Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, collaborating with a group of artists to develop aContinue reading “Skull Attack”

Bones And Brown Paper

I like studying anatomy. I love the interface between art and science. Sometimes I get access to a skeleton and scribble happily for hours. These drawings are on very large sheets of brown wrapping paper, using black, white and sanguine conte crayons. Working on this scale gave me the chance to focus on mark-making ratherContinue reading “Bones And Brown Paper”

An Older Man (male nude)

I like to draw older models because it’s interesting to see how anatomy changes with age. When I’m drawing, I often make mistakes and do a few sketches until I get it reasonably right. Here’s the first attempt (above) with notes about what’s wrong with it. I had another go and was happy with theContinue reading “An Older Man (male nude)”

OOOFFF! It’s Hard

I’m working from a life drawing that I did quite quickly and I didn’t have time to draw in a hand, so I need to construct one in the mixed-media piece I’m doing. I made a start by doing some technical exercises, working from anatomy books by Burne Hogarth and Sarah Simlett. I find handsContinue reading “OOOFFF! It’s Hard”