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The Dark Old Church

15 Dec

window 1

I went rummaging around in an old church earlier today. There were no working lights and the natural daylight was very dim because of the torrential rain outside, so it was dark and spooky. I did some sketching into my Daler Rowney Ebony sketchbook with white conte crayon and chalk. The church is no longer used and it’s up for sale for around £50,000 but it needs about another half a million spent on it. A consortium of groups – artists, musicians, community organisations, performers, is trying to raise the funds to buy and develop it.

I loved being in there in the dark, absorbing the spooky atmosphere. I took a lot of photos as well so I’ll probably do a few more sketches from them and I might develop them into manier noir drawings over the coming weeks.

Skeletons I Have Known [1].

30 Oct

Pastel anatomical drawing: Hand and knee.


People who’ve read my blog before will know that I share my studio with a skeleton, a lady called Felicity. But I’ve drawn other skeletons too. This one, nicknamed Fred Skelly, was the subject of many drawings during a life drawing course at Gorseinon College. He was once a man – smaller pelvis, shorter neck – and we often removed his head to get a better look. I did a series of fairly large drawings of bits of him in soft chalky pastels in ochre and olive with a bit of graphite block into a cream, bound Somerset A3 sketchbook. I like drawing from skeletons. It isn’t just about practicing anatomy to get a better understanding of how the human body works to inform my life drawings. I also think the human skeleton is a thing of beauty in it’s own right. I’ve made prints and mixed media work incorporating bits of skeleton and I like having them on my walls. Spooks some people out though!

Pastel drawing: Skeletal knees and feet.

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