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Does Anyone Say Biro Anymore?

27 Dec

the range dec 2018

Husb and I were out and about today, doing some shopping for art supplies at The Range and we stopped for a cuppa. I spotted this woman across the cafe, absorbed in reading and thought I’d have a quick scribble, en plein air,  into my very small sketchbook, about 5 inches by 3.5 using a ballpoint pen. Does anyone call them Biros any more? They were always called Biro pens when I was a kid – I think that’s the name of the inventor.



Hell And Cake

4 Apr

I HATE shopping. It’s my idea of hell, unless I’m buying books or tools. I had to buy some new clothes to replace some that were literally falling to pieces so I spent two hours in shopping hell (Dante knew nothing…NOTHING…) and bought two pairs of leggings, a t-shirt and a sports bra. Result. That’s me sorted for the summer.

04 cakes

So when I got home from shopping hell, I made the mistake of having a sit-down in front of the telly with a nice cup of tea. Note to self: do NOT watch reruns of The Great British Bake-Off during the day. I don’t particularly like eating cake but I LOVE baking. And Mary Berry led me astray. So instead of working diligently in my studio, I ended up baking a Victoria Sandwich and loganberry cupcakes. Husb scoffed two cupcakes then begged me to take the rest to life drawing this evening, to save his waistline. But that’s another blog……

Wonky Boots

8 Oct

Only time for a very quickie sketch today so I scribbled my boots which are a bit wonky now that I’ve worn them in. I’m not a shoe person and I don’t like shiny, pristine footwear so I like my boots best when they’re a bit battered. I don’t get the shopping for shoes thing at all. However, I have far more pairs of boots than I let on to Husb 😉

Grumpy Old Man

19 Aug

Husb needed some new clothes. This meant spending a couple of hours in the city traipsing around the shops listening to him complaining, “They’ve taken a perfectly good jacket and written STUFF all over it!”

“Have you seen the state on these trousers! They’re down around their backsides!”.

“Look at the cut on these jeans!!!!! They make you look like you’ve got RICKETS!!!”

“HOW MUCH???!!!”

Husb has been in training to be a grumpy old man since his teens. He’s awfully good at it. I try to get him home after a couple of hours, in case he has a stroke.

So when we got back, he decided to do some DIY. I’ve no idea why. He detests DIY as much as shopping. At least it gave me a chance of a spot of scribbling. It was surprisingly difficult because he was bent over his Black & Decker Workmate [he’s got all the gear, even though he hates DIY], so I was trying to draw him from some very awkward angles and he kept moving around. But I managed one half decent sketch of him. With his jeans down around his backside :D!

Then he chilled out with a nice cup of tea.

Shopping, Compost and Donny Osmond’s Hat

23 Jun

I hate shopping. I don’t understand why people love it. I’m happy to spend hours browsing in art supplies shops and tool shops but general shopping, in malls and stuff, I loathe it. Husb is the same, so after an hour or so in the city centre earlier we bolted to the cafe in Waterstones bookshop and chilled out for a bit with a nice hot drink and a biscuit. Hot drink necessary because this is a British summer, so it’s cold and wet outside. Did my usual of scribbling away at the people around me. The young man on the left seemed to be a student studying hard while the man on the right was with his wife and child and sported the sort of outrageous hat I haven’t seen since the 1970’s – they were called Donny Osmond hats back then. The man below was immensely tall with huge hands that dwarfed his cup of tea.

Scribbled in a couple of minutes each with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen [size S] into an A6 leatherbound, recycled sketchbook. When I got back from town, I transplanted a couple of loganberry plants that had tip-rooted themselves in my rhubarb patch using the first of our home-made compost made in one of the council’s free compost bins. The plants are destined for the gardens of friends. I love loganberries, but the fruits don’t last long so I guess they’re not suitable for growing commercially.

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