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Come Up And See More Etchings [parental guidance]

6 Jul

Here are two more photopolymer plate [solar plate] etchings I did a couple of days ago. I’ve been told that technically, they should be called intaglio prints, not etchings because the metal isn’t actually etched. The male nude is redrawn from a sketchbook study I did about four years ago and I’ve reworked it several times in different monotype techniques. I like the awkwardness of the pose, the painful stretching of the head thrown back and held for quite a long time.This is our young soldier model; he likes to be challenged. He suffers for our art.

I’ve been incorporating text into my drawings and mixed media work for some time, but it’s much harder to do so with most printmaking techniques because you have to work back to front. One of the joys of this method is that you don’t have to draw and write a mirror image. I know da Vinci could write mirror text beautifully, but frankly, there wasn’t much else to do in those days – no TV, no Facebook, no Internet Scrabble, no blogging – so he had plenty of time on his hands 🙂

Tomorrow is the final day of the Swansea and Cardiff Printmakers‘ exhibition in Oriel Canfas, Cardiff – I’m invigilating from 10.30 – 4.30 if anyone’s around – pop in and have a look. And it’s the first of Ros Ford‘s 4-day Open Studio event at Swansea Print Workshop – please do go see the amazing work she’s done during her residency – the time has flown!

A New Male Nude [parental guidance]

15 Jun

Got home late from life drawing last night, too tired to blog and today I’ve been framing and mounting prints all day for next week’s printmaking exhibition at Oriel Canfas in Cardiff. Then this evening Husb and I went to the opening of this year’s MA show at Ty Bryn Glas – excellent. I think it’s the best MA show I’ve seen, consistently high standards and lots of well-crafted, considered and beautiful work. Definitely worth seeing.

Anyway, here’s our soldier model who posed last night. This was a difficult one to draw. I deliberately went for an angle that gave me some foreshortening; his left foot was quite close but he was leaning sharply away so his head was noticeably smaller. His hands took a lot of effort.  It’s got potential; I might rework this as I like the pose a lot. It’s drawn with chalky pastels and compressed charcoal into my A3 Bockingford sketchbook, using both pages.

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