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Senor Moment And Still Life

9 May

Pencil drawing in progress: still-life with street junk.

Well, I had my first encounter with Senor Moment today. I walked all the way through the city centre and started climbing the hill to visit my reflexologist and noticed my skirt looked a bit funny. I looked harder and saw that it’s hem was tucked into my tights! NOOOOOO! I haven’t done that since I was 5! Memo to self: check in the mirror before leaving the house from now on. It’s a bit of a shock; I managed to push the boundaries of youth to almost forty and I was hoping for at least three decades of middle age but seniority seems to be sneaking up on me.

I’ve been collecting things I find in the street [that would horrify my late Nana] and today I decided to start drawing a still-life with them. Here’s what I’ve done so far. I found an empty cheap extra-strong lager can left on the Studio doorstep by a street drinker; two goldie-coloured metal leaves; an icon. An eclectic mix from the mean streets of Swansea. I put them onto a page from the Independent newspaper. The drawing is in Derwent pencils, B and 5B, onto 90 gsm watercolour paper and I’m toying with the idea of using watercolour wash when the drawing bit is finished. I’ve been wanting to do some still life for a while but also wanted to do something contemporary, so collecting rubbish off the street seems to fit the bill. Or am I having another Senor Moment?

Tap, Toes And A Designer Duck.

4 Jan

Graphite drawing: in the bath.

Had a tiring day, painting the new studio walls in the morning and this afternoon, my last session with my small design group at the local drugs treatment agency. I’ve been working with people with drug and alcohol problems for many years and lately have been helping some people in recovery to design posters for heroin addicts. It’s great and I really enjoy it but I was shattered by the end of the day.

Anyway, I jumped into a nice hot bath with mango and passionfruit bubble bath and did this drawing of the end of the bath. People often say to me that they’d like to keep a sketchbook but they don’t know what to draw. DRAW ANYTHING! AND EVERYTHING! Why does there have to be something special to draw? We have a Victorian house dating from 1867 and the original bath is still here. The taps are HUGE with ceramic plaques on the top with HOT and COLD written on them. The bath is enamelled cast iron with a rolltop and lovely curvy legs. The white [well, off-white lol] enamel has formed thick drips over the edge underneath each tap and it’s been fired like that. The duck was bought in a very posh designer duck shop in ‘The Lanes’ in Brighton. Seriously, an entire shop of rubber ducks. How posh is that? Oh and my chubby toes gatecrashed the drawing.

Graphite pencils B and 9B into my absolutely favourite sketchbook at the moment, an A6 recycled, leather bound one by Artbox.

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