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Cat And Cut

9 Aug

cat and cut

Greetings hairless apes. Sparta Puss here. I have taken control of the bald monkeys’ pooter box while they are distracted. The she-ape was cutting some soft floppy stuff called vinyl just now because she has to print it in the morning and I thought I’d be helpful and lend her a paw. She was not happy about it, the ungrateful chimp.  “Not a good idea with such sharp tools around”, she squealed. They all squeal you know, the monkeys. She locked me out of the room! So I got my paws on the ‘pooter box and now I can tell the world what an idiot she is.

And yes, that is a zombie garden gnome in the background. Stupid monkeys.

This Is Spartaaaaaaaa!!!!!

27 Jul

Get Off Those Curtains!

Sparta is a small ‘Naughty Tortie’ cat [that’s calico cat in some parts of the world]. She was eight weeks old when she came to us about 18 months ago and one of her favourite pastimes was trashing our net curtains; running across the room at full speed, launching herself up as far as she could and then slipping down with her claws embedded in them, ripping as she went, like in the cartoons. She was so fast that she was up and at ‘em before we could stop her.


One day I grabbed a camera and clicked away as she vandalised the nets. I made drawings of some of the photos and then carved a series of woodblocks, which I printed up into limited editions. They’ve been in a few exhibitions and I’ve sold enough to be able to replace the curtains that she destroyed. Here’s one of them.


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