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Big Foot

2 Feb

natie 2Another of the life drawings I did earlier this week, this one is in Windor & Newton oilbars and conte crayon onto an A3 size primed canvas sheet. I was trying out different media in each pose, to stretch myself and push out of my comfort zone. I had pre-coloured this sheet with Rhodamine Red oil pigment and left it to dry before using it.

I’m pleased with the way it’s turned out, particularly the foot in the foreground, not at all easy to do.

Vivid Pink

5 Apr

05 pink

I’ve been re-using some experimental work I’d been doing, that I wasn’t happy with. I’ve been taking the boards, prepared with rhodamine red and lemon yellow oil pigment, to different places. I took one to my weekly life-drawing session yesterday and drew this 30 minute pose in black and white conte crayon with a few highlights at the end in white oilbar. I like the foreshortening in this pose and I think I’ll probably be using it as the basis of other pieces of work, maybe a large monotype?

I love Rhodamine Red. I had a tin mixed for me, it was expensive but it goes a long way. When the pigment is applied thickly, it’s a very deep rich red but thinning with plate oil or linseed and it becomes a rich vivid pink.

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