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Vivid Pink

5 Apr

05 pink

I’ve been re-using some experimental work I’d been doing, that I wasn’t happy with. I’ve been taking the boards, prepared with rhodamine red and lemon yellow oil pigment, to different places. I took one to my weekly life-drawing session yesterday and drew this 30 minute pose in black and white conte crayon with a few highlights at the end in white oilbar. I like the foreshortening in this pose and I think I’ll probably be using it as the basis of other pieces of work, maybe a large monotype?

I love Rhodamine Red. I had a tin mixed for me, it was expensive but it goes a long way. When the pigment is applied thickly, it’s a very deep rich red but thinning with plate oil or linseed and it becomes a rich vivid pink.

All Day at the Print Studio.

29 Oct

Full colour monotype.


Very busy day today at the printmaking studio in Swansea. Made two full-colour monotypes, plus two ‘ghosts’. Have been on my feet for 7.5 hours and I’m shattered, but reasonably happy with the results. I based the monotypes on drawings made from life with a professional model. The prints are made in oil-based pigment in the three process colours, mixed with medium plate oil in a 60:40 ratio and printed onto BFK Rives 250gsm paper from a perspex matrix.

Got to go to a Halloween party now. I think I’m going to sleep in the corner :).

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