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Setting Up

31 May


Haven’t had much time to draw over the past couple of days because I’ve been working with the 15 Hundred Lives art group to set up an exhibition of our work at Creative Bubble in the centre of the city. It runs for a week, until Saturday June th 7th. Alongside the artshow, we’re running a series of demonstrations, with each group member taking turns to spend the day at the gallery working in a specific genre, so that people can pop in and see how we construct our artwork. I’ll be working on direct line monotypes next Monday and Thursday.

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The artwork is by group members Graham Parker (painter), Sylvie Evans (collagist) and yours truly, with drawings and prints.

Hare Today

17 Jan

17 hare 2

*Groan*. Another hare pun 🙂 . Today I was at the Creative Bubble artspace in the city centre, with my colleagues Sylvie Evans and Graham Parker from the 15 Hundred Lives art collective, running another of our monthly public art events. We were joined by guest artist Patricia McKenna-Jones.

17 hare 3

Using the theme ‘Recycle’ we reused materials to create new artworks from scratch. I stuck loads of newspaper sheets together on the wall and practiced wildlife drawings with charcoal, chalk, carbon and oil pastels.

17 hare 4


I drew boxing hares today. They throw some amazing shapes when they’re fighting. Apparently it’s the female whacking the male to fend off unwanted amorous attention in Springime.



17 hare 5

We’re back again tomorrow, so if you’re in the area, please call in to Creative Bubble to have a chat, or maybe join in and do a bit of artwork. Today is Art’s Birthday and Husb and I are off out now in a minute to some of the arty birthday celebrations.

Get Out!

29 Oct


Get out and scribble! Come on. Let’s take over the streets with artists and sketchbooks. I did it this evening, leaving the studio about 10 minutes early and walking down to the city centre to have a scribble. There were loads of people around so it was easy to do some speed sketching. Some people stared. Some even hovered. But I didn’t care ‘cos that’s just how I roll 😉

Tecchie stuff- each scribble took a few seconds – people move fast when they’re cold. Drawn with a Pilot V5 into an A5 recycled sari sketchbook. The small child on the far right did indeed have an enormous hat.

Street Life

4 Oct

Sometimes when it isn’t raining (that’s not often round here) I leave the studio a bit earlier and wander into the city centre to do some quick scribbles. I saw these three ladies chatting on the street corner and just a few yards away, huddled in a doorway, one of the street drinkers who hang out on the fringes, so sad.

Life On His Own Terms

12 Jun

Sitting on a public bench in the city centre at the end of a long day, waiting to meet Husb to walk home and watching other workers doing last-minute shopping and heading for buses and cars, I spotted a local character standing opposite, so of course I grabbed my sketchbook and had a scribble.

I won’t name him because he’s a gentle man who doesn’t like attracting attention, but I have seen him on the city’s streets now since I was a schoolgirl, when he was a young man who had chosen to give up a conventional lifestyle and live as a ‘tramp’ on the streets. It’s four decades on and he still chooses to live the same lifestyle. He’s very unkempt and he drags a large sack of his belongings wherever he goes, but he’s always seemed healthy enough and he’s friendly and well-spoken  in his quiet way and has never been known to harm anyone. Once he found a bag with £10,000 in it and took it straight to the police station, every penny, and even refused a generous reward from the money’s astonished owner.

I’ve noticed recently that he’s now very grey and looking a bit frail. It’s quite worrying but he shows no sign of wanting to come off the streets. He’s had offers of accommodation and the caring services have certainly been keeping an eye out for him, but he carries on with his chosen lifestyle.

He’s very well known and well-regarded locally, no-one seems to mind that he’s lived so unconventionally for so many years. Visitors to the city are sometimes shocked, because he does look a bit of a state, but those that chat to him quickly realise that he’s living life on his own terms. I’m glad I live in a place where such eccentricity is accepted and I hope he is able to continue with his chosen lifestyle for as long as he wants.

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