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Beach Life

6 Apr


The sun was out today and, typically British, crowds flocked to the beach, sunbathing in vests and shorts, even bikinis and a brave few took a dunk in the oh-so-cold sea. Not me! I stayed well covered, but that’s because I burn in the sun. It probably wasn’t more than 20 degrees Celsius, maybe not even that, but that’s good enough for us hardy Brits. And it’s great for scribbling too. I did these very quick sketches into my A5 hardback sketchbook with a graphite stick.

Puddle Of Lard!

10 May


Insomnia hit me hard so I got up and do an early morning sketch in my teeny weeny leather bound steampunky sketchbook. We’re staying in one of those hotels like in the films where the room all open out onto a verandah on the outside. It’s nice sitting here with the door open to the outside, it’s already very warm and the temperature is going to go up to 32C later, that’s about 90F! I will probably turn into a puddle of lard with a hat on top!

This artist residency is supported by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales.


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