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Comfort Eating

7 Jun

I know the British summer is notoriously fickle but today takes the biscuit. It’s been so cold and wet that Husb and I went to the Continental Cafe for a full roast dinner at lunchtime, and lashings of hot tea, wrapped in layers of jumpers and raincoats. And now this evening there’s a storm going on outside with gale force winds and torrential rain. It’s the school holidays and summer festival season – Download and Hay-On-Wye have started and they’re getting washed out. Awful!

Anyway, here’s a couple of people also eating winter fodder in the Continental earlier. The chap, a policeman, had an interesting way of holding his fork in front of his face while he chewed . He had his summer uniform on. It’s a popular cafe, good, unpretentious food at very reasonable prices, very old school, always full. It’s been there a long time. You can’t beat it really, especially in the sort of climate when you might need comfort food at any time. Like we do.

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