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Tidy Scran

17 Jul

Was a bit busy this morning doing some last minute stuff for this evening’s exhibition [below] so Husb and I went to the Continental Caff for our lunch. It’s what we round here call ‘tidy scran’ which means good, filling, unpretentious home cooking. It’s always full of people having a cooked dinner – traditional British food, nice roast meat, lots of vegetables and proper gravy. Behind Husb there was an elder gentleman tucking into his massive plateful. He had a patterned knitted jumper and he kept his cap on. That’s summerwear in Britain this year 😦

If you’re in the Swansea area, a lovely exhibition of miniature prints opens at Swansea Print Workshop tonight. Come and join us for wine, cake and art from 7pm this evening, exhibition is open daily until August 15th. It isn’t raining!!!!!!!!

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