My New Sketchbook

2 Nov

I took my new pocket sketchbook out for it’s first outing yesterday and walked, sketching as I went. I want to get back in the habit of drawing in the street, en plein air. I used to do loads but the Covid19 lockdown put a stop to that. I want to spend some time walking around an area, really looking at what’s around me, while doing very quick drawings of the things that I find interesting. Let’s see where it will take me.

My lovely nephew (in the middle) along with these other wonderful young people have benefitted from the Children In Need charity and now they’re giving something back. They’re the Surprise Squad (more about them here) and you can follow their adventures on BBC1s “The One Show“, 15th – 18th November. I know that times are hard, but if you can spare a quid or two, please consider donating to Children In Need (here). They really do make a difference to young lives. Thank you xxx

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