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Warming Up

17 Oct



Here’s a quick warm-up sketch I did at life drawing last week at Swansea Print Workshop. After this I worked on a portrait study for an hour, but I find I need to have a quick scribble to start with, to get used to the model and pose before committing myself to a longer study.


Although it was done quickly, I really like the immediacy of it. I find that when I tell myself that something is just a warm-up or a practice, I am much freer and less inhibited in my approach.



I worked onto my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet with a free Markers app, sometimes with a stylus and sometimes with my finger.


12 Oct


At the end of tonight’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop, our model asked if she always looked ‘cross’ when she posed. I don’t think she looks cross at all, so I explained about what younger people call a “resting bitch face”. I roared with laughter when I first heard that phrase, but it really does sum up what happens when our faces relax. I’ve drawn hundreds of people and it isn’t possible to keep a natural smile going for very long, then our faces relax down into “resting bitch” mode. She has a great face, strong, formidable, full of character. I drew onto my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet with a free Markers app.

Life Drawing (Female Nude)

5 Oct


Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. Our model has been working with us for seven years and she’s an absolute inspiration. Being an artist’s model isn’t just a matter of sitting still, good models bring an undefinable something to the creative process. I love going to the sessions, the group of artists is interesting and friendly and I usually make a cake for tea break. Today I made a classic Victoria Sandwich filled with home-made gooseberry jam. I grew the gooseberries on our allotment.

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I drew onto my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet, with a free Markers app. And now I’m off to bed. Goodnight x

Life Drawing (Female Nude )

20 Jul

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. This is an older model who I really enjoy working with. I made a banana cake with a fudgy chocolate and peanut butter filling for the tea break.  I used my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 with the free Markers app for the drawing.  Now I’m tired and off to bed after a nice cup of chamomile tea. 

Getting Physical.

25 Apr

Drawing over prepared paper.

Getting this studio, almost a year ago now, has transformed my life. I’ve been so productive, my output has increased dramatically, my work is going in directions I’d never imagined and I’m making enough art to get into exhibitions all over the place. In the past, working from home and fitting my art in around a job, meant that for years I didn’t develop significantly or produce enough work to sell. A lot of people don’t realise that being an artist is being two different things – a manufacturer and a retailer. You have to make the art; then you have to get it out there and sell it. It’s not easy and I’m still in the early stages.

And it’s very physical. Because lots of people do art as a hobby they often make the mistake of thinking that it must be quite nice to sit around all day and potter with a paintbrush, but when you’re working at an easel all day, or at a printing press, you can be on your feet for 6, 7, 8 hours, using shoulder and arm muscles over and over again. They need to be exercised regularly so they don’t seize up. I do some small workouts with little dumbbells, a Wrist Ball and Chinese balls, when I remember, to keep my arms, hands and shoulders fit.

I’m working up a series of large drawings from smaller ones I did at life drawing group. They’ll eventually become the template for full-colour reduction monotypes too. Here’s one I started today, working in charcoal onto Fabriano paper previously primed and coloured with acrylic paints in yellow ochre, permanent rose and pthalo blue. It’s coming along nicely but still quite a way to go. I’ve left the hands til the end because they’re the hardest. I’ll work up four or five drawings and then book a few days at Swansea Print Workshop to create a batch of monotypes.


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