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Banners Are Good…..

20 Dec

Hub 201217a

Banners are good. Banners are a useful way of breaking the ice when I’m running sessions in art. A lot of adults feel intimidated by ‘art’ and that they can’t paint or draw. Doing banners means they can drop by and do a few brushstrokes or they can get absorbed for a couple of hours. The group came up with a starting point of writing words and from then on it was colouring in on a big scale, with acrylic paints (Liquitex). We’ve nearly finished, maybe one more session then on to the next banner.

Big Banners

14 Oct

oppsFor the past few weeks, I’ve spent a couple of afternoons at a local drugs project, working with service users and volunteers to make banners for their Open Day. They’ve been on a series of educational courses and the project wanted banners to reflect this so we started by asking the service users to come up with a list of words that represent their feelings about the programme. We used ‘Achievement; Reachable; Opportunities; Confidence and Purpose’ and also included the name of the programme, ‘Links Coastal’.

I sourced some very cheap rolls of primed canvas, about 2 x 8 feet, in a local cut-price store and Swansea Print Workshop donated a load of used acrylic paints that had been mixed with screenprint medium; this made them very easy to use.We did a practice session on the first afternoon using cheap chalky pastels and sheets of newspaper stuck together and then chose the best designs to reproduce onto the canvas. I really like the results, they should look fab when they’re put up on the project walls.

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