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Drizzly Dog

10 May

3 people and dog

Sometimes I work from photographs because I find it’s useful to be able to do a more detailed analysis of the image than I’d normally be able to do when I’m drawing directly from life. It gives me the chance to concentrate on things like perspective, proportion, foreshortening, reflections and composition. When I’m working with someone in a formal situation, a life model or someone sitting for a portrait study, there’s plenty of time to get things right, but drawing en plein air is way too fast to scribble down anything other than the most basic details.

Now and again, I pop down to the local beach to take some photos for drawing practice. This was a typical Swansea winter day, grey, drizzly with lots of dog walkers. I used a graphite stick into my A5 hardbacked sketchbook.

50 Shades?

2 Jan

50 shades

When I first heard there was a book called “50 Shades Of Grey” I thought it was about British weather. It sounds like a typical drizzly day in Swansea Bay. Like today. Here’s a few shades of grey.

I drew this in my 15cm square hand-made Khadi sketchbook, prepared with a grey wash of Indian ink, applied with a natural sponge. I closed the book immediately and left it to dry and the wash went speckled, which is quite nice. I drew with compressed charcoal, black and white conte crayon and white oil pastel.


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