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An Older Male Model

13 Mar


Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop, working this evening with an older male model. I drew with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and a free Markers app. This is a quite long pose, almost an hour, but I didn’t really get into the zone this evening. Still, it’s good to practice and to push yourself when you’re feeling tired and uncreative.

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Sometimes, people are surprised that our group has access to older life models. We have two retirees who pose regularly and two middle-aged. It’s harder to get regular younger models. But to be honest, older models are often easier to draw because their bodies are more lived in, more shapes and textures.

Shady Lady

15 Nov


Just got back from life drawing at the most excellent Swansea Print Workshop and I’m cream-crackered. Here’s my shady lady, our retired biology teacher who also happens to be heavily tattooed with flies, spiders, lizards and carnivorous plants. I love drawing older models, so much character in their bodies. I drew with a dip pen and Indian ink, using a square cut sable brush to apply the wash, into an A3 spiral bound sketchbook.  Now I’m going to catch up with the first episode of the new series of The Big Bang Theory and then to bed. Goodnight gentle readers …….. 🙂

An Older Male Model

30 Apr

Charcoal and pastel life drawing.


Well, as I’ve been posting a spate of life drawings of our younger male model, I thought it’s about time our older male model got a look-in. It’s great to be able to draw people at different stages in their lives and it makes me appreciate the beauty of the human body at all ages, not just when people are young and allegedly in their prime. I find the obsession with youth in our media distasteful; I’ve always had much older friends and mentors and we need to appreciate the experience, wisdom and confidence of our elders, not marginalise them and try to stop ourselves from ageing. It’s just stupid and vain.

It took me a long time to be able to draw this model accurately, although come to think about it, that’s true for most of the models I’ve worked with :). I’ve drawn with compressed charcoal and soft chalky pastels into my 30 x 30 cm Bockingford sketchbook, drawn across both pages.

In Praise Of The Older Man

10 Oct

I deplore the ageism that seems endemic in British culture and I address this in my art by using elder models in a lot of my work. We have two brilliant elder models in our life drawing group in Swansea, one male, one female, who are both retired professionals and art lovers. They’ve been modelling for many years and love it and bring so much experience and humanity to the process. I think it’s fascinating to observe the ageing process in the human body and I think a model in their 70’s is every bit as interesting and beautiful as one in their twenties. We really should grow up as a society and stop being so obsessed with the blandness of youth.


This is a large life drawing done into an A2 brown paper sketch book with white, black and sanguine conté crayons.

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